Subscriber management questions

Can I add a subscribe form to my site?

Yes! Adding a subscribe form to your web site is a great way to attract new subscribers and it couldn't be easier.

Our simple Manage Subscribers section gives you a step-by-step guide to customising and adding a subscribe form to your website.

Can I import subscribers from a file?

Provided you have obtained the correct permission from your susbcribers, importing your subscriber list into your account is a really simple and straight-forward process. To get started, your subscribers need to be in a comma or tab delimited text file. This is a standard format for storing data and is supported by most applications, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, ACT! and GoldMine.

From there, our Manage Subscribers section enables you to easily import your subscriber list to Digital Mail.

What if I don't have an email list?

No Problem. It's time to get started! There are several ways you can collect email addresses. Digital Mail provides a list building tool in the form of a sign up box to be put on your website. Your site visitors can sign up for your email list and their addresses are automatically imported in to your Digital Mail account.

Other ways to collect would be to set up a guest register and have customers provide you with their email addresses that you will import in to your Digital Mail account. Trade shows, conferences, purchases - any time you touch your customer, invite them to join your list.

  • Average E-mail return on investment in 2008 was $ 45.65 for every dollar spent. - Direct Marketing Association

  • 49.6% of online merchants maintain that email marketing performs better than other forms of marketing, including paid search, search engine optimization, direct mail and affiliate marketing. - Internet Retailer (2007)

  • Email marketing is a solid investment during downturn. - Marketing Sherpa

  • 83% of surveyed marketing executives worldwide used email, ahead of display ads, paid search and online video. - The McKinsey Quarterly

  • 33% of surveyed travel and tourism businesses said that driving repeat visitors is a major benefit of email marketing. - Constant Contact, Inc

  • 83.2% of marketers surveyed chose email marketing as the most important advertising medium. - Datran Media Research